Economically Long-term Winning Product

Economically Long-term Winning Product

Homponent Magnetic Air Vent Screen Cover was developed to benefit houses in many terms. One of them, it is money-saving in a long run.

How is This Economically Long-term Winning?

Air ducts in the house are subject to contamination by falling debris. Floor vents located next to front door, garage door and back door are the most vulnerable to collect debris brought from outdoors, such as salt, soil, leaves, dirt, etc.

Air ducts are expensive to maintain and clean. An air duct cleaning service costs from hundreds to more than a thousand dollars once every 3 years. Some air duct cleaning companies even suggest to clean your air ducts every 1-2 years.

Homponent is here help you keep those air ducts clean almost for good. The Homponent Magnetic Air Vent Screen Cover is effective at keeping the air ducts free from falling contamination and therefore ensures the circulated output air from ventilation system is clean.

With the Homponent Magnetic Air Vent Screen Cover, your house would required less frequent air duct cleaning services. The output air duct runs are kept clean as if they have just been cleaned throughout the whole term, significantly improving the indoor air quality that you and your beloved family breathe in everyday. 

Note: regular air duct cleaning services in a longer time (every 3 to 5 years) would be still recommended to clean intake air ducts, filters and ventilation system.

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